Shelton Hull, a neighbor to know

Shelton Hull is a writer, reporter and  podcaster. He is a journalist published in Folio Weekly and many other magazines, newspapers, websites and zines. He is a former candidate for Jacksonville City Council and possesses a keen intellect and a  caring heart.

What six of your neighbors had to say about Shelton Hull

“Shelton always talks to you with purpose and honesty. Whether it’s small talk or explaining some of the nuances of North Florida politics, it always comes off like he genuinely cares about the conversation.”

“Shelton was my go to source for information before Wikipedia, and remains a more reliable source today.”

“On social media he uses #Mavericky on stories about badass women who are getting things done for themselves, for others, for the world in general. When I’ve been kicked in the teeth or otherwise having a bad day I read his #Mavericky posts and I feel like a badass ready to face the world again.”

“Just a great guy with so much  knowledge; politics, wrestling, music, comics, film,  he can talk with you about anything, or just share a cup of coffee and tell all sorts of stories with his smile.”

“He is my main source for reading material, anything he writes as well as the stories he curates  on his page. He also introduced me to both Jazz and Professional Wrestling and I am a better person for knowing him.”

“With everything he shares he makes me think, makes me use my mind while reminding me that I also have a heart and that I need to use it too. I don’t think I have ever told him thank you for that. Thank you, Shelton, our city and our world are brighter for having you in them.”

And the one that started it all;

“He is the kind of neighbor Mr. Rogers would have wanted in his neighborhood.”

Shelton Hull, a neighbor to know.